Benne Miso

Benne Miso

Keepwell Vinegar

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White Rose Miso is the miso project for Keepwell Vinegar. Benne Miso is made from benne seeds, a heritage variety of sesame, are toasted until nearly burnt, then ground with koji made with organic barley from Next Step Produce in Maryland.

The resulting heavily charred flavor combines with traditional miso umami and sweetness for a meaty flavor reminiscent of the grill. More intense than the white miso - so good! This miso is a great base for a hearty soup, or delicious whipped with a little butter on top of a steak.

Keepwell Vinegar is the creation of two pastry chefs who decided to use sugar in a different way! We met Sarah and Isaiah when we were working at Union Market. They are truly dedicated to their craft of preserving Mid-Atlantic fruits + grains to make vinegars + miso.

Keep refrigerated. Similar to many of our products, miso is a living fermented food!