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Our head baker is celebrating the start of her maternity leave! During this time of transition, the Number 1 Sons Bakehouse is on pause. We'll be slinging fresh bagels, artisan cream cheeses and crunchy bagel chips again soon.

In a never-ending quest to minimize waste, we created these bagel chips by thinly slicing our less-than-perfect-looking bagels, coating with a little oil and seasonings and baking until lightly golden. Our bagel chips are crunchy, flavorful and wholly snackable. They are an ideal partner for hummus or your favorite cheese, or for lending a crunchy bite to your salad. We bake new batches every week, so your bagel chips will always be fresh and snappy.

Everything but the Schmear is, well, everything but the schmear. It's more fun that way. They have a little sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper, as well as sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and dried onion.

Contents: 7-ounce bag of Everything but the Schmear bagel chips


Producer: Number 1 Sons Bakehouse

Location: Washington, D.C.

In early 2019, Yi Wah approached Steph about starting a line of baked goods that would bring all of the values of Number 1 Sons — quality products, care for the local community, a sense of humor — to classic, homey breads and pastries. After much research, many test bakes, and a slight delay due to the pandemic, Steph came up with our ideal bagel, as well as specialty cream cheese spreads that are light, fluffy and spreadable straight from the refrigerator. Keep your eyes out for more baked goods from Number 1 Sons Bakehouse in the near future.


Everything but the Schmear: Bagels (local bread flour, water, local whole wheat flour, barley malt syrup, diastatic malt powder, kosher salt, yeast, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, black pepper, sea salt), olive oil, kosher salt. Allergens: Wheat, sesame.