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Field Update: LAST CALL! The asparagus patch is done! Th 6/25, Sat 6/27, Tu 6/29 are the last dates we'll have asparagus for the 2020 season! -6/18/2020

And, just as spring starts to get a bit less nippy, the asparagus is here! We had a historically cold May, which means we'll see asparagus into June this year! But once it starts to warm up - the asparagus starts to wane!

Gardeners Gourmet's asparagus patch is a combination of two asparagus varieties: New Jersey and New Jersey Giant. These varieties can have wider stalks.

This week, we are selling two bunches of asparagus, approximately 1 pound. To make your asparagus last longer in the fridge:

1. Wrap asparagus in a damp paper towel - this can add a few days! -OR-
2. Place asparagus stalks into a jar with water, similar to what you can do with herbs - this can add a week of shelf life!
Gardeners Gourmet is a family farm located in Carroll County, MD. They're located just over an hour from the pickle factory. Cinda has honed her growing techniques over the last decades to create an efficient growing operation for her beloved greens. Her son, Wave, works alongside her. We know them from the Dupont Circle and JFX Baltimore Farmers Market. When at the market, their stand overflows with greens! When not at the market or farming, Cinda is windsurfing :)