Ararat Salami MeatCrafters 6 ounces

Ararat Salami


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MeatCrafters is making some truly fine salami right here in the D.C. area. The Ararat salami has flavors inspired by Turkey and Armenia, with fenugreek, urfa biber, and smoked paprika. It's smoky and savory. Perfect with something clean and salty, like mussels or clams or a hard cheese or a buttery olive. Let it come to room temperature to enjoy the most flavor and the silkiest texture.

Contents: 6 ounces of unsliced salami


Producer: MeatCrafters

Location: Landover, MD

We've known Mitch for a long time, as he runs the Central Farm markets at Bethesda, Pike and NOVA. After a long career in the food world, he considered retirement, until he realized that no one was making a good, true salami in the D.C. area. So he started MeatCrafters. Mitch's charcuterie is top-notch, handmade in small batches, with well-sourced ingredients and freshly ground spices. His salamis bloom for a week or so in a fermentation room before moving to a curing chamber and hanging until their distinctive flavors are developed. He puts care into every step of the process, and it shows as soon as you taste it.