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Field Update: This is it folks! Toigo Orchards has sent us the last of last year's harvest. We'll be out of apples for a bit until fall 2020 apples are ready! -July 10

Field Update: It is the very end of the 2019 harvest so the crunchiest apples may be less crunchy that fall apples! DYK apples can be stored for up to 12 months in the right cold storage? -April 1

We love crunchy apples so have asked our farmers to get us the crunchiest apples they have right now. So far, we're getting gold rush, pink lady, cameo, fuji, and honey crisp from Toigo Orchards.

Toigo Orchards has given us hefty bags so far, often weighing in around 4.5 to 5 pounds :) This is approximately ~10 apples.

We recommend storing apples in a cool, dry place in your house or in the fridge.

We love including apple slices to a green salad. Then, adding something sour like our Sauerkraut or Cider Masala Beets.

At this time, we can't honor special requests for apple varieties or sizes. We're asking farmers to send us the best crunchy apples they have! This will likely change on a weekly basis.