Cider Masala Beets Number 1 Sons 24oz
Cider Masala Beets Number 1 Sons

Cider Masala Beets n1s

Number 1 Sons

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Beets are the best! Our Cider Masala Beets are pickled in a rich apple cider vinegar made in Virginia. We spice them with onions and our own blend of Indian masala spices.

Customer favorite, but open them over the sink. We've been making our Cider Beets with the same recipe, for at least five years. Ask Yi Wah if you want to know what's in his masala blend :)

Try topping your salads with our Cider Masala Beets. Or, our beets taste delicious on top of toast with a schmear of something creamy, fresh greens, and a pinch of something crunchy.

Ingredients: Beets, onions, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, water, sugar, spices, salt

Our Beets are made with Virginia apple cider vinegar.

Vegan and gluten-free

Comes in a 24-ounce container.