Number 1 Sons Pickles & Ferments

We make pickled and fermented foods, with a lot of love for good sourcing, funky flavors, and community-centered direct commerce. Here's a breakdown of our flagship products, but keep an eye out for new and seasonal surprises at the farmers' market!

Cucumber Pickles

Crispy Koshers: Our most popular pickle variety, these fresh, crunchy cucumbers took a dunk in crushed garlic, fresh dill, and a touch of red chili. A perfect 10! Fermented, half-sour style.

Half Sours: Some call these the unicorn of the pickle world. A clean, fresh, well-seasoned cucumber flavor. No garlic or chili. A favorite of kids. Fermented for just a few days.

Super Sours: Whoa. Could you swim in a barrel with extra garlic for a whole month? These cucumbers did. Deliciously sour and seriously garlicky with a balance of warming spices. Fermented, full-sour style.

Honey Habañeros: It's exactly what it sounds like — sweet from Pennsylvania honey, spicy from sliced habañeros, a pickle you won't find anywhere else. Pickled in apple cider vinegar.

Seasonal Sweet Pickles: We often have a rotating sweet pickle! Brown Sugar Bread 'n Butters are just like the classic, but with sliced onions and warmth from the brown sugar. Gin Gingers use spent gin botanicals from our neighboring distillery. Sunny Dills make bright, special appearances with their yellow lemons and turmeric. Who knows what we may try next! Pickled in apple cider vinegar.


Son's Kimchi: A traditional kimchi with squares of local Napa cabbage and julienned daikon radish, plus lots of garlic, ginger, and onions, and, of course, Korean chili powder. Mustard greens add crunch. Sour and just spicy enough. Fermented.

Kicky Kimchi: If you want it hot, this is your kimchi. Squares of local Napa cabbage and rounds of daikon radish are mixed with garlic, ginger, onions, and extra hot chili powder. We weren't kidding when we said it was kicky. Fermented.


Clean Kraut: It's just cabbage and salt, but a whole month in our barrels makes it sour, crunchy and full of good probiotics. Never the soggy sauerkraut you find in the store. Fermented.

Seasonal Krauts: We like to mix it up and keep a rotation of different kraut flavors fermenting in our barrels, each for a month. Rosetido is inspired by a Salvadoran curtido, with red cabbage, sliced jalapeños, and oregano. Turmerine kraut is sun-hued with shredded carrots and golden beets, plus turmeric. Garlic Dill has the funk and punch we love. Stinkin' Rye has all the flavoring of rye bread, like caraway seeds.


Dilly Daikons: This is our super funky take on a daikon radish. Sliced into spears, daikons stay extra crunchy when pickled or fermented. These sit with lots of crushed garlic and dill until they're extra sour. Fermented.

Honey Habañeros: Just like the cucumber pickle, but with daikons! The natural earthiness of the daikons adds extra depth to this sweet and spicy pickle. Pickled in apple cider vinegar.


Italian Giardiniera: A whole kitchen sink of vegetables — cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, celery, olives, red bell peppers, red fresno peppers, jalapeños, and onions — is mixed with Italian spices. Originally developed for Sweetgreen. Pickled in apple cider vinegar.

Cider Masala Beets: Our pickled beets are warm and sweet, with diced onions and our own blend of Indian masala spices. Ask Yi Wah if you want to know exactly what's in it. Pickled in apple cider vinegar.

Thai Golden Beets: These yellow beets are taken up a few notches with curry paste, red chili and makrut lime leaves. They took the trip of a lifetime. Pickled in apple cider vinegar.

Dilly Beans: Green beans ferment in our barrels for a whole month with crushed garlic, sliced onions and our pickling spice. So addictively snackable, they're like the salt 'n vinegar chips of the pickle world.

Salso So Verde: Our take on salsa verde is bright, tangy and fresh, with tomatillos, jalapeños, garlic and onions. Fermented.

Hot Hearts: We're all about minimizing waste, so we take the cabbage hearts that are a byproduct of making sauerkraut and let them ferment until tender with chipotle peppers, sliced habañeros and carrots, whole cloves of garlic and warm spices. Smoky, spicy, and funky.


Our kombucha is made with high-quality teas from Teaism, right here in DC. Each variety is slightly tangy and slightly sweet. Robust, but not sour. It was voted "Best Kombucha" in Washington City Paper's Best of DC 2021!

Lavender Fizz is delicate and floral, with a hint of spearmint. Original Ginger packs a gingery kick. Turmeric Tang has a little carrot juice, so it's extra bright. Rotating seasonal flavors highlight the best of local fruits (Watermelon! Strawberry! Persimmon!) and unique brewmaster concoctions (Root Beer!).