Market Pickup Policies

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Market Pickup

Only Number 1 Sons products are available for market pickup.

Your Market Day Order By
Wednesday Market Tuesday 7:00 AM
Thursday Market Wednesday 7:00 AM
Saturday Market

Friday 7:00 AM

Sunday Market

Saturday 7:00 AM

View our Farmers Markets HERE.

When checking out, select Market Pickup. Type in your zip code to view market pickup locations. Select your market, date and time. You can order for market pickup 7 days in advance. You will be prompted to pick a time to pickup at market, but you can pickup at any point during your market's hours.

Each market has social distancing procedures in place to protect both customers and vendors. Please check your pickup location's website for any rules before heading to the market.

    Factory Pickup 

    As of March 13, 2020, we're suspending pickups at the Pickle Factory.  Don't worry, you can still pick up your order at a local farmers market. See above!

    Happy Family Discount

    Ordering more than $30 of our Number 1 Sons products? Use the code N1Shappyfamily for $5 off our products. Farmers markets might not feel quite the same right now, but we can preserve some market traditions :)


    We try our hardest to get it right every time, but sometimes make mistakes. If you receive a damaged product or incomplete order, please get in touch so we can make it right! You can reach us at

    If you're unhappy about your product, please get in touch so we can make it right!

    updated 8/19/2020