Home Delivery

Why We’re Doing It

We’re excited about good food, a community of makers and growers, and seasonality. We brought all of those things together in our home delivery service. We offer peak-season local fruits and vegetables, pantry essentials, meat and dairy, meal kits and more.

Here’s our promise.

If we sell it, we promise it’ll be good. When our farmer brings in strawberries that he harvested that morning, they fill the air with their sweetness. When we deliver pastries, they were baked fresh that morning. When we look for a chili oil to carry, we pick our absolute favorite.

We promise we’ll tell you about the people who make it. We care about them as much as we care about the food.

We promise you’ll fall into an effortless flow of seasonality, following our region’s growing cycle as it progresses from winter to spring to summer to fall.

Our goal? That you come to trust us and take joy in special food and the people who make it happen.

How It Works

We travel to certain areas in DC, Maryland and Virginia (within 10 miles of the zip code 20002) on certain days of the week, in order to keep our driving routes efficient and our workload even.

  • Northwest and Southwest DC: Delivery on Tuesday. Order by Friday at noon.
  • Virginia: Delivery on Wednesday. Order by Saturday at noon.
  • Maryland: Delivery on Thursday. Order by Sunday at noon.
  • Northeast and Southeast DC: Delivery on Friday. Order by Monday at noon.

We take orders in advance because, for us, slowing things down isn’t such a bad thing. When we know exactly what’s been ordered by our customers ahead of time, we’re able to tell our partners exactly what to produce. Our farmers can harvest what they need, without having to cut extra that might spoil in storage. Veggie boxes can be built to order. We don’t have to keep excess milk or mushrooms on hand that we might have to throw away. We value our friends’ labor and our precious food sources, and we don’t want to waste either.


If you have issues placing an order, text or call us at 202-570-4453, and we will happily work it out with you.

When does Number 1 Sons deliver?

We deliver to northwest and southwest DC on Tuesday, Virginia on Wednesday, Maryland on Thursday, and northeast and southeast DC on Friday. Our delivery window is noon to 8:00 PM. A more specific window will be given to you on the day of delivery.

Where does Number 1 Sons deliver?

We currently offer home delivery within 10 miles of 20002 (the pickle factory!). This encompasses every ward of DC and parts of Virginia and Maryland. Grouping our delivery areas by day helps us serve you better, reduce the miles (and thus emissions) we drive and ensure our staff has better working hours.

What can I order?

Browse the entire catalogue here. We carry fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy, bread and pastries, pickles and ferments, pantry essentials, celebratory treats and anything else we deem special.

When can I order?

We close the delivery window four days ahead on a rolling basis.

Delivery Day
Order by

upcoming Tuesday


upcoming Wednesday


upcoming Thursday


upcoming Friday


Why don't you outsource your deliveries and increase capacity?

The third party delivery services, and many large corporations, do not classify their delivery staff as employees. This is a way to dodge taxes, benefits and liabilities. This responsibility is further evaded by having delivery staff use their personal vehicle to make deliveries. This is not fair. We won’t do this.

The pickle crew who make our pickles and ferments and pack and drive our home delivery orders are our regular coworkers. They are classified as employees, with the appropriate benefits and protections. We provide fuel-efficient vans with which they make their deliveries.

How will I know what time my order will arrive?

On the day of your delivery, you will receive a few text messages:

  1. When your delivery has left the pickle factory. This message will have an ETA and a link to track your delivery. You will usually receive this text message by noon, the beginning of our delivery window.
  2. When you're the next stop. You’ll be able to track the driver via a live map, so you can see exactly how close they are to you.
  3. When your order has been delivered.

What if I won’t be home to receive delivery? 

If you won't be home, please place a cooler with ice packs outside your door. We will leave your order there. We can also deliver to a friendly neighbor on your behalf with advance notice.

For apartment buildings, please denote at checkout if there's an access code to enter your building. Your bag will be left at the reception, front desk or lobby.

Can I pick up my order at a farmer’s market?

We don’t want to cut into the purchases from our farmer’s market neighbors, so you can only pre-order Number 1 Sons items for pick up at the farmer’s market. To place a pre-order for market pick up, just email hello@number1sons.com by 7 AM the day before the market.

Do you offer free delivery?

We do, if your order is $65 and up. For orders $40 to $64.99, there is a $10 local delivery fee.

Do you have a delivery minimum?

To ensure the most efficient use of fuel and time, we require a minimum of $40 to deliver.

What if something is wrong with my order? 

We try our hardest to get it right every time, but sometimes we do make mistakes. If you receive a damaged product or incomplete order, please get in touch so we can work it out. You can reach us at hello@number1sons.com or text/call 202-570-4453.

What is your return policy?

We do not offer exchanges or returns. But we are eager to fix any problems you experience and always want you to feel satisfied.

If your product arrives damaged, you receive the wrong order, you don't receive your order, or you're not satisfied with your order, please let us know so we can fix it. We offer replacements where we're able to, or store credits or refunds as appropriate.