Can I bring my own jars to fill at market?

As of March 13, 2020 - we're pausing our BYOJ program. In response to the current public health landscape, we are no longer packing to order at markets.

Yes, please Bring Your Own Jar (or reuse one of our containers). If bringing your own jar, we recommend a widemouth jar. We offer a BYOJ discount of $0.25 off for each jar that you bring to be refilled!

We don't take back containers - sorry! We can only refill them for you.

Can I return the kombucha bottles?

Yes! Please bring back our kombucha bottles rinsed and without the black cap and ring. We happily wash, sterilize and reuse them. At this time, we're not offering a discount for return kombucha bottles.

Why did the lid of my container puff up?

Fermentation is a living, breathing process. CO2 is one of the natural byproducts of fermentation. The bulging lid is simply a buildup of carbon dioxide. Putting our fermented foods in the fridge slows down the rate of fermentation, but the microbes are still breathing! Simply 'burp' the container over the sink to let off some of the built-up CO2.

Why are my pickles cloudy?

For our fermented pickles, the brine is cloudy from naturally occurring microbes that both sour and preserve our vegetables. The cloudier the brine, the longer they've been fermenting, which means more microbes and more sour!

Our Super Sour pickles often have the cloudiest brine of everything we make because they ferment in our barrels for a month.

If you notice white bits in your brine - that's most likely crushed garlic!


Does your kimchi have fish products? Is it vegan?

Our kimchis do not have fish products or any animal products. We perfected our kimchi recipe over a few years - savory, plenty of umami, while still being vegan :) All our products are vegetarian.

How long will my pickles/kimchi/beets last?

We recommend you consume our products within a few weeks for freshest taste and ultimate crunch. BUT! Fermented and pickled foods have no hard-set expiration date. Save in your fridge for weeks, even months! Over time, their flavors will complexify while getting more sour and they'll likely loose some crunch.

For Half Sour pickles, if you want to enjoy them as 'half sours, eat within a week. Otherwise they'll become 3/4 Sours.

Do your products have added sugar?

Some do. None of our fermented vegetables have added sugar.

Our sweet pickles made with apple cider are sweetened with sugar and/or Pennsylvania honey. Our Cider Masala Beets, Honey Habaneros, Gin Gingers, and Sunny Dills all have added sugar.

Have another question about ingredients? Send us a message, we're always happy to help! Or, ask our staff at the market.

How much sugar is in your kombucha?

About 9g in a 500mL bottle. Most of the sugar ferments out during the fermentation process, but some does remain. We do not add any additional sugar during the secondary ferment. All our flavorings are whole fruits, juices or spices.