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Shiitake Mushrooms

King Mushroom Farm

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Shiitake mushrooms have an earthy, distinctly smoky flavor. Their texture is meaty and they hold up great even after cooking.

Contents: 1 pound of shiitake mushrooms


Producer: King Mushroom Farm

Location: Barclay, Maryland

King Mushroom Farm is just an hour from D.C. on Maryland's Eastern Shore. They grow numerous different varieties of mushrooms in a controlled environment without the use of chemicals and pesticides. We're neighbors with them at many area farmers markets and it's been a joy to grow our businesses next to each other over the years. We love to saute some of their oyster mushrooms to eat with a bowl of rice and our kimchi.

Nutritional value: Shiitake mushrooms contain high amounts of natural copper, a mineral that supports healthy blood vessels, bones and the immune system. They are also rich in polysaccharides like lentinans and other beta-glucans, anti-inflammatory compounds that protect against cell damage, boost the immune system and increase white blood cell production.

Storage and serving suggestions: Store mushrooms in their paper bag for about a week in the refrigerator. Snap off woody stems to save for broths, then brush away any dirt from the caps. Shiitakes are super versatile. Saute them, add to stir-fries, or put anywhere you’d like lots of umami and a good toothsome bite.