Summer Fruit Bounty - THURS, SUNDAY
Summer Fruit Bounty - THURS, SUNDAY
Summer Fruit Bounty - THURS, SUNDAY

Summer Fruit Bounty - THURS, SUNDAY

Spring Valley Farm & Orchard

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Field Update: Boxes for deliver Th 8/6 and Su 8/9 will likely include white peaches, yellow peaches, nectarines, ginger gold apples, gala apples, baby cantaloupe, and maybe blueberries. - July 30

*The contents in your box may differ from the picture*

It's SUMMER! We've very excited to deliver a box of Farmer's Choice summer fruit bounty grown by Spring Valley Farm + Orchard. An example of the box is

  • 1/2 peck peaches about 6-7 lbs or 10-15 peaches depending on size
  • 1 quart white peaches or nectarines about 1-3 lbs or 2-6 depending on size - this quantity will likely increase as peach/nectarine season picks up!
  • 1 quart plums or summer apples
  • 1 pint blueberries or 1-2 small cantaloupes

What you can expect in coming weeks: more peaches, baby cantaloupes, summer apples like gala + honeycrisp variety. 

The contents in your box maybe different from the picture. Depending on weather conditions, fruit can ripen at different rates so we can't project with 100% accuracy what your box will contain! The value of the box stays consistent at around $45-49 if you were buying it at market!

Peach season usually runs from late June to mid-September. Earlier season peaches - usually these are pre-July 4th - are cling peaches meaning the peach will cling to the pit. Cling-free varieties, which are best for preserving, come a bit later in the season.  

Store: peaches + nectarines may not be ripe upon receipt. Store them spaced apart on your counter until they have reached your desired ripeness! For faster ripening, put them in a warmer spot, even outside air temperature, but out of direct sunlight! Warmer temperature = faster ripening!

Spring Valley Farm & Orchard has been at farmers markets with us since day 1 of starting our business - we've known Eli Cook + his dedicated crew for almost a decade now! Located outside of Romeny, West Virginia, they're just over 2 hours from Washington DC. The Cook family is committed to growing, picking and selling high quality, fresh fruits + vegetables year-round. Spring Valley has grown their business at both farmers markets in the DC-area and at their farm stands in Virginia and West Virginia.