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Basil Plant Pack

Fireside Farm

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No garden is complete without basil, preferably in at least three varieties. These basil plants were sown and grown in Vermont Compost potting soil. They’re ready to be planted, but with proper watering, they can stay in their packs for two weeks before planting in a garden or large pot.


  • 2 Italian basil: Use in pestos, scatter into salads, or stir into blistered green beans just before serving.
  • 1 Thai basil: Featuring a more pronounced anise flavor than the Italian variety. Use in stir fries, salads, spring rolls, and cocktails, or infuse into vinegar. Pollinators love this basil, too.
  • 1 purple opal basil: Similar in taste to Italian basil, but with a striking purple color. Dolcezza uses this variety for their lemon-opal basil gelato.

Sorry, no substitutions available. Too many plants for you? Pot one up to share with a friend or neighbor.


Producer: Fireside Farm

Location: Purcellville, Virginia 

Fireside Farm is the new project from Stacey and Casey, who managed The Farm at Sunnyside for the past six years. In January 2021 they relocated to a small farming community in Loudoun County. Fireside Farm is not certified organic, but Stacey and Casey are dedicated to practices which go beyond organic standards. They strive to utilize growing methods to improve soil health and believe that healthy soil corresponds to healthy plants and healthy people. 

Number 1 Sons and Stacey and Casey have been linked together for many years, selling alongside each other at various farmers markets, scheming together on how to use produce like radishes and chilies to make interesting ferments, staying up all night to roast pigs, and sharing many meals together. We are excited about the road ahead and happy to continue delivering Stacey and Casey’s excellent produce to your door.

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