Pastured Eggs

Pastured Eggs

Path Valley Farms

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Field Update: Your eggs may come in paper or styrofoam container. We all prefer the paper carton but supply chain issues have meant that paper cartons are in short supply for now, and styrofoam has been the only option at times :/

A dozen ungraded pastured eggs from Path Valley Farms Coop in Pennsylvania.

Read more about Path Valley Farms Coop here. Their chickens are free roamers able to wander freely, industriously grazing around their large fenced areas.

If you're curious about the difference between pasture raised eggs, cage free and conventional - read more here and here. If you like hard boiled eggs, a gentle reminder that fresh eggs do not hard boil well. Here's suggestions on hard boiling fresh eggs straight from the farm.

Rice, some of our kimchi, and a fried or jammy egg is one of our favorite meals! Don't forget to add any extra protein or vegetables - whatever is ready to go in your fridge! We'd top this simple meal with something crunchy like sesame seeds or green onions.