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Dimitiri Farms Olive Oil

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Did you ever read Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil? Since reading, we haven't looked at olive oil on grocery store shelves the same! Luckily, we met Omiros of Dimitri Farms at the farmers market, not long after starting Number 1 Sons.

Their olive oil is full flavored! Unfiltered! Single source from their family farm just outside of Sparta! We're delivering their 500 mL bottle, three and five liter sizes of extra virgin olive oil.

We love using it for salad dressing. Dipping bread. Remind us to give you Homer's family's Greek Salad recipe with plenttty of their olive oil. YUM. Or, make a simple salad with some greens, our Giardiniera, merlot vinegar and this olive oil!

Sometimes you just need a drizzle, sometimes you need a big pour :)