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Bread Furst’s Levain Campagne is a hearty bread made with whole rye, whole wheat and organic flours. With a nice crust and a slightly sour crumb, this is an excellent everyday bread that shines when toasted.

Contents: 1 loaf of Levain Campagne (about 1 to 1 ¼ pounds)

Store in a paper bag and eat or freeze within a few days. If it goes a little stale, make panzanella or croutons.


Producer: Bread Furst

Location: Washington, D.C. 

Bread Furst opened in 2014 in DC’s Van Ness neighborhood. Helmed by the formidable Mark Furstenberg, who was named Outstanding Baker of the United States by the James Beard Foundation in 2017, the bakery makes traditional European breads from organic flour.