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This medium veggie box is delightful for 2-3 people, especially the duo who likes to eat lots of vegetables throughout the week. Eat the fresh greens first!

We've finally turned a corner, as it warms up! The few hard frosts in May certainly slowed some growing down, but things are looking up from here! We anticipate asparagus for a few more weeks. The frost was very hard on the strawberry plants, so we're unsure if bags/boxes will contain strawberries this year!

Here's the lineup for Saturday 6/6 delivery:
  • small bag of mint: Kentucky Colonel Mint is the best variety of spearmint to use for mint juleps, also great for iced tea!
from Katie at Path Valley: I was 21 before I learned that Mint Julep was a common alcoholic drink. My friends' Mom used to make n/a mint juleps every time we were together. She made a concentrate of of orange and lemon juice, sugar, and crushed mint and kept it slushy in the freezer. We drank them year-round, but those with fresh mint were the best. There are strong opinions in this country about whether or not peppermint is a legitimate substitute and it is NOT. 
  • 1/2 lb mix greens: ever changing mix of mizuna, tatsoi, red/green kale, red/green mustard, scarlet frills, beet greens, and some sylvetta.
  • !not in photo! small bag of pea shoots: these tendrils are great for toast. approximately 2 ounces.
  • 1 bunch of Swiss Chard or Italian Dandelion: dandelion is a great bitter green! incorporate into salad or create a bitter dish for your table. read our post about dandelion here!
  • 3 cucumbers: cucumbers make the perfect snack or use for smashed cucumber salad!
  • 2 ripe red tomatoes: some of the best greenhouse tomatoes we've ever had :)
  • !not pictured! a bunch of hakurei turnips: chop them up and add to salad! also great to make a veggie snack plate with the cucumbers and tomaotes. don't forget the salt!
  • a bunch of asparagus: store in a jar of water in your fridge for freshest asparagus when you're ready to cook! approximately 3/4 lb.
  • 2 bunches of spring onions, garlic or shallots: aliums make us :) too many for you to garnish and cook with? throw some on the grill or wilt them in your pan to add to your dinner plate!
Path Valley Farms is a farming cooperative in Pennsylvania! Path Valley Farms is a true collective, owned by the growers and operating with the intention of keeping families working together at home! We all work with the goal of growing tasty food on healthy land that will be sustained through the generations. 

Their gem-like vegetables are beloved by many area chefs (and us!). Read more about Path Valley Farms Coop here.

The farm may make substitutions when they run out of one type of veggie! We try to avoid this, but it does happen from time to time.