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This two pound bag of millet flour is grown and then milled to order by Next Step Produce!

Millet plays a crucial role in the diversity required to build sustainable, economically-viable small-grain farming systems. The fact that millet is drought-tolerant also makes it a key player in response to extreme and changing weather patterns which farmers must contend with.

Wheat cannot stand on its own. The over-wintering wheat, rye and barley are popular, as we all know. But something must grow during the other parts of the year, namely during the heat of the summer. Buckwheat, corn, millet, sorghum, and dry beans are those summer crops. These winter and summer crops work together to create a diverse rotation and an economically viable means of production… as long as people carry the diversity to their plates!

Next Step Produce is a certified organic farm in Maryland that is "Committed to Growing Nourishing Food in Harmony with Nature" through soil-building, nutrient-density, and a diverse plant-based farming system. We met farmers Heinz, Gabrielle, and their daughters in the early days of Number 1 Sons.

Gabrielle + Heinz are quite the pioneers in the Mid-Atlantic farming community. Their greenhouse and grain-drying process is powered by a high-efficiency wood-burning furnace, with wood sourced by selective low-grading right from their property. They have specialized equipment from Japan so they can grow and process rice, grains and beans - things that normally aren't grown in our region! Their farm is truly a closed loop system. You may have eaten their foods at Seylou Bakery or A Rake's Progress :)