Sunny Dills
Sunny Dills

Sunny Dills

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We did not grow up eating sweet pickles. So when folks kept asking us to make a sweet pickle, we would. But, never loved the recipe. Until in 2019, Yi Wah + Justin created the Sunny Dill pickle.

Our Sunny Dill pickles has the right balance of sweet, acid and just a hint of savory. It's the perfectly balanced sweet pickle! Use the pickled onions for summer sandwiches. The pickled lemon slices + brine are great for cocktails!

Each quart container has about ~15 pickle spears, but sometimes even more! We're receiving our cucumbers straight from the farm so the sizing can vary this means that sometimes our spear size can also vary!

Ingredients: Cucumbers, filtered water, apple cider vinegar, onions, lemons, dill, sugar, honey, salt, spices, calcium salt

Pickled in apple cider vinegar!