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Kuhn Orchards

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Peach season is coming to a close! Sidney says they have a few more weeks of peaches at Kuhn Orchards. Enjoy in cobblers, tarts and crumbles. Grill or caramelize. Let ripen until desired tenderness and eat fresh out of hand. Right now we have a mix of white and yellow peaches.

Some peaches are harvested to ripen in a few days. If your peaches are not quite there, just let them sit on the counter until ready.


  • Small: approximately 5–6 peaches depending on size
  • Medium: approximately 8–11 peaches depending on size
  • Large: approximately 16–22 peaches depending on size


Producer: Kuhn Orchards

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We met Sidney and her mom at the 14th and U and Crystal City farmer's markets. We noticed their carefully arranged stand was always a beautiful oasis of ripe, local fruit. That impression has been borne out over a decade of eating their family’s fruit. Kuhn Orchards practices IPM (integrated pest management), using holistic methods that include crop rotation, planting disease-resistant varieties, using organic treatments (pears are sprayed with kaolin clay) and even trapping insects. They favor organic options first and use the aforementioned methods, and their experience, to use minimal pesticides only when and where necessary.