Floral Flaked Sea Salt Little Wild Things 1 jar

Floral Flaked Sea Salt

Little Wild Things

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A flaked salt blended with Little Wild Things dried edible flowers. Add a sprinkle of floral salt to your savory and sweet creations. Gorgeous on top of baked goods or as a summery finishing flourish to grilled fish or vegetables.

Contents: 1 jar of flaked sea salt with edible flowers


Producer: Little Wild Things

Location: Washington, D.C.

We met Mary Ackley and the Little Wild Things folks at farmer's markets. Their less-than-one acre farm is located just down the way from the pickle factory. Little Wild Things specializes in soil­-grown microgreens, shoots and edible flowers that are Certified Naturally Grown. They’re out to prove that urban landscapes can foster environmentally sustainable commercial farms, and to show that farming is a desirable career for the next generation.