Cold Smoked Salmon Maine-ly Smoked Salmon
Cold Smoked Salmon Maine-ly Smoked Salmon
Cold Smoked Salmon Maine-ly Smoked Salmon

Cold-Smoked Salmon

Native Cure

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When a member of the Number 1 Sons family once worked at Citronelle — the Georgetown flagship of Michel Richard — he discovered this cold-smoked salmon. Citronelle was known for its consistent excellence and striking the right balance between originality and tradition. We can say the same about this salmon. Its quality is so nice it's been remembered all these years later, it's unlike any you'll find at the store, and yet it's perfect for all of the traditional applications of smoked salmon. Like bagels.

Made of high-quality farmed Atlantic salmon, this fish is cured with salt and sugar, then gently smoked and sliced to reveal silky, rich fish.

Contents: Half-pound vacuum pack of cold-smoked salmon

Keep refrigerated or frozen. For best quality, consume within five days of opening.


Producer: Native Cure

Location: Hollywood, California

The folks at Native Cure have been smoking salmon for five years and are the go-to source for premium smoked fish in Los Angeles. They have the highest standards of food safety and transparency, with wholly traceable processes. Their smokehouse is also certified Kosher.

Nutritional value: Salmon is a great source of vitamin B12, as well as iron, vitamin D, potassium, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.