Bangin' Pimento Cheese Soul N' Vinegar 8.64-ounce Pimento Cheese

Bangin' Pimento Cheese

Soul N' Vinegar

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If pickle people made a pimento cheese it would probably taste something like this. It's like the Super Sour of pimento cheeses. It's got that funky-in-a-good-way thing we love. It's punchy, it's bright, it's tangy. It's cheesy and just a bit spicy. It goes great with a Ritz cracker, and yes, you should give in to the Ritz instead of anything fancier. It's perfect for a picnic.

What's not to love about Soul N' Vinegar's Bangin' Pimento Cheese? 

Contents: 8.64-ounce container of pimento cheese


Producer: Soul N' Vinegar

Location: Richmond, Virginia

They had us at "vinegar," but really we love Soul N' Vinegar because they make delicious food and are not afraid of a little funk. Michelle started Soul N' Vinegar to combine cultures and cuisines (her dad has southern roots and her mom emigrated from Korea) and share high-quality delicious meals with everyone in her neighborhood. We like to say hi when we're down that way picking up berries from Agriberry.