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Baba Ganouj

Mediterranean Bakery

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Mediterranean Bakery makes their baba ganouj daily. It has pieces of eggplant throughout, with specks of dark skin, and the perfect balance of garlic, tahini and lemon. We'll be packaging it in paper cups to reduce our plastic use.

Contents: 12 ounces of baba ganouj


Producer: Mediterranean Bakery

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

The Chway family founded Mediterranean Bakery & Cafe in 1977. Sami, his mother Nadia and his sister Samia had recently immigrated from Lebanon, and as the business expanded and grew, more members of the family were able to join them. The bakery became a meeting place where many old and new Lebanese immigrants came together. Mediterranean Bakery specializes in pita, baklava, fattier, hummus, and a wide array of staple and specialty products from around the world.