Squash Blossoms - THURS
Squash Blossoms - THURS

Squash Blossoms - THURS

Spring Valley Farm & Orchard

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Field Update: The blossoms you received may be closed or open, due to the hot weather we are experiencing. We are working hard with the farm to get you open blossoms, which means picking them at 6am, before the heat of the day.- July 1

It's SUMMER! We've very excited to deliver a pack of six squash blossoms grown by Spring Valley Farm + Orchard. Your squash blossoms will be delivered in a plastic clamshell and ready for your stove or oven! 

DYK? There are male + female squash blossoms with slight differences in taste/makeup/appearance! The female blossoms will eventually bear fruit, squash! 

Use: Use squash blossoms within a few days! Squash blossoms are very perishable.

Store: Add a paper towel into the container before popping in the fridge. 

Spring Valley has been at farmers markets with us since day 1 of starting our business - we've known Eli Cook + his dedicated crew for almost a decade now! Located just outside of Romeny, West Virginia, they're just over 2 hours from Washington DC. The Cook family is committed to growing, picking and selling high quality, fresh fruits + vegetables. Spring Valley has grown their business at both farmers markets in the DC-area and at their farm stands in Virginia and West Virginia.