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It's the beginning of rhubarb season. What a joy. How will you eat this amazing rhubarb? Perhaps a tart or a galette. We're partial to galettes, but don't put down any carb. Maybe some homemade rhubarb syrup or sauce to make amazingly tart sodas and cocktails? And there's always jam.

Contents: Half of a pound of rhubarb, approximately 3 to 4 stalks


Producer: Path Valley Farms

Location: Franklin County, PA

Path Valley Farms is a farming cooperative in Pennsylvania. Path Valley Farms is a true collective, owned by the growers and operating with the intention of keeping families working together at home. We all work with the goal of growing tasty food on healthy land that will be sustained through the generations. Their gem-like vegetables are beloved by many area chefs (and us!). Read more about Path Valley Farms Co-op.