Red and Yellow Mini-Plum Tomatoes Good Fortune Farm 1 Pint

Small Mixed Tomatoes

Path Valley Farms

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Take a page out of Joshua McFadden's literal book, Six Seasons, and make a pasta that celebrates these little tomatoes in all of their fresh summer glory. Warm smashed garlic cloves in olive oil. Add half of the tomatoes and cook gently until they start to burst. Smash with the back of a spoon, and add chile flakes and fresh basil. Season generously. Cook down a bit more. Boil some spaghetti. Once al dente, add a good splash of pasta water to your sauce, the pasta, more basil, and the other half of your tomatoes. Add a bit of butter. Toss until silky. Top with more olive oil and parmesan. Enjoy the beauty of sweetened cooked tomatoes and fresh bright tomatoes together.

Contents: 1 pint of small mixed tomatoes


Producer: Path Valley Farms

Location: South Central Pennsylvania

Path Valley Farms, about 120 miles from DC, is a cooperative made up of a core group of about 10 farmers, with several more growers/producers contributing eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and more. The collective is owned by the growers and operates with the intention of keeping families working together. Their goal is to grow tasty food on healthy land that will be sustained through generations. These are true family farms who grow with sustainable growing practices that we consider beyond organic. We’re proud to connect this community of growers to your kitchen and table. Path Valley Farms has been the secret ingredient among DC’s top chefs for years. After you experience the variety, flavor and beauty of their produce you’ll know why.