Organic Seasonal Salad Pack Dicot Farm

Organic Seasonal Salad Pack

Dicot Farm

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Get into a seasonal salad habit with Dicot Farm’s rotating salad pack. This weekly salad kit will change often as new vegetables come into season. You’ll have enough vegetables to make one large salad for four to six people, or several smaller salads to eat throughout the week.

For June, Dicot has hearty romaine lettuce heads, plus crispy radishes, Hakurei turnips, kohlrabi and scallions, and a good bunch of herbs.


  • Large head of romaine lettuce
  • Three of the following roots: Hakurei turnips, kohlrabi, radishes or scallions
  • Farmers choice herb: dill, cilantro or parsley

These beautiful and crunchy romaine heads are over a pound each, so there's enough to make a large salad as well as to use the biggest leaves for lettuce wraps. Tear or chop romaine lettuce leaves, thinly sliced kohlrabi (peel the bulb first!), hakurei or radishes, and a big handful of herbs, then drizzle with a homemade vinaigrette (we suggest Keepwell’s Blueberry or Merlot Vinegar for that). If you pick up strawberries or our pickled masala beets, add those too, along with something creamy like bocconcini, chèvre or weissa kaseWe love to use a mandolin to shave Hakurei super thin, then dress them with a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Don’t let us limit you to salads: quartered Hakurei and radishes make an excellent snack when dipped in salt or eaten with a dab of salted butter or a slice of country ham.


    Producer: Dicot Farm

    Location: Waldorf, MD

    We met Meghan and Erik at the Greenbelt and Foggy Bottom farmers markets. Their small but mighty farm is certified organic and located just across the Potomac River. Your veggies are picked just days before delivery and travel less than an hour from the farm to the Pickle Factory before landing in your kitchen.