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Arugula is a favorite for salads, especially if you're feeling Euro! Slightly nutty, slightly spicy. We love to add it on top of pizza. If you're feeling super duper Euro, add some of our giardiniera. Maybe even add some of the giardiniera brine to your dressing or Keepwell's merlot vinegar.

Your 1/2 lb bag of arugula will be picked within days of your delivery.

Store: Transfer to a mesh bag OR insert a paper towel into the bottom of the bag to help absorb moisture.

Use: We recommend using within a few days of receipt.

Gardeners Gourmet is a mother-son farm located in Carroll County, MD. They're located just over an hour from the pickle factory. Cinda has honed her growing techniques over the last decades to create a very efficient growing operation for her beloved greens. Her son, Wave, works alongside her. We know them from the Dupont Circle and JFX Baltimore Farmers Market. When at the market, their stand overflows with greens!