Organic Sunflower Oil Susquehanna Mills

Organic Sunflower Oil

Susquehanna Mills

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This is not your standard “neutral” oil, but rather a rich, nutty, buttery one that will enliven any dish you add it to. Susquehanna Mills makes fresh and flavorful oils by extracting oil from regional crops via a press and bottling it, the same way quality olive oil is made.  

Contents: One 750-ml bottle organic sunflower oil

Note: This product is organic, despite the photo. As this oil is not refined, it may appear slightly opaque in the bottle.


Producer: Susquehanna Mills

Location: Muncy, Pennsylvania

In 2006, Susquehanna Mills was born when Josh Leidhecker became interested in cost-effective bio-diesel for his construction business vehicles. Since then, Susquehanna Mills has evolved from a supplier of bio-diesel to a manufacturer of quality Canola, Sunflower, and Hemp cooking oils whose top priority is sustainability. To that end, they practice full circle manufacturing: when delivering fresh oil, they pickup waste oil from their restaurants and universities to power their vehicles and the vehicles of their farms. Making fresh, local organic oils is a labor of love that rounds out our local food economy in ways that affect the people, farms and health of all involved. Read more about Susquehanna Mills on our blog.

Nutritional value: Cold-pressed, unrefined sunflower oil is high in vitamin E and lecithin. This oil is made from non-GMO sunflower seeds. 

Serving suggestions: Use this oil for salad dressings, sautéing, making mayo or simply for dunking bread into. We recommend trying this as a vegan substitute for butter, as your go-to popcorn fat, or drizzled anywhere you want a buttery, nutty flavor. Store the oil in a cool, dark spot for up to 18 months.