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Oyster sauce, with its sweet, umami tang, is a staple of Asian cuisine, and Megachef Premium Oyster Sauce is the gold standard when it comes to flavor and quality. Made in Thailand from fresh-caught oysters that are smoked and then simmered to create a flavorful, rich sauce that is excellent as an ingredient or condiment. Comes in a 21.2 oz bottle.

Megachef may not have the humblest name, but its roots run deep in family. "I think I must have fish sauce running through my veins," says Managing Director Bhas Nithipitikarn. "My late grandfather established his fish sauce company over 100 years ago, and some of my earliest memories are of playing among mounds of fish and vats of the pungent sauce. Later I remember him walking me around his shop, proudly explaining how he made such a fine product."

This product is gluten-free and msg free.