Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Susquehanna Mills
Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Susquehanna Mills

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Susquehanna Mills

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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains CBD, less than .3% THC, and all the naturally occurring terpenes and botanical compounds in industrial hemp crops. This oil is of a much higher quality and potency than cheaper stuff. 

A bottle of CBD from another supplier might read 325 mg on a one-ounce (or 30 mL) package, which is misleading because it fails to break down the potency (about 11 mg/mL). Susquehanna’s hemp oil is almost four times as potent. Cheaper oils also use highly processed carrier oils, while Susquehanna's uses their own hemp oil to keep it local and to create a market for hemp oil itself, thus helping local farmers profit from their hard work. Read more about what makes this hemp oil special in our blog post

Contents: One 30-ml bottle full-spectrum hemp oil (about 30 servings), available in Orange, Peppermint, or Natural


Producer: Susquehanna Mills

Location: Muncy, Pennsylvania

In 2006, Susquehanna Mills was born when Josh Leidhecker became interested in cost-effective bio-diesel for his construction business vehicles. Since then, Susquehanna Mills has evolved from a supplier of bio-diesel to a manufacturer of quality Canola, Sunflower, and Hemp cooking oils whose top priority is sustainability. To that end, they practice full circle manufacturing: when delivering fresh oil, they pickup waste oil from their restaurants and universities to power their vehicles and the vehicles of their farms. Making fresh, local organic oils is a labor of love that rounds out our local food economy in ways that affect the people, farms and health of all involved. Read more about Susquehanna Mills on our blog.

Nutritional value: Full-spectrum hemp oil is used to aid sleep, manage anxiety and alleviate pain, among other uses. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease. Health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Serving suggestions: This oil may be taken daily. We recommend holding it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing it. Start with half a dropper full and increase to a full dropper if you’d like.