Chili Bears

Chili Bears

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Locally grown peppers ferment for months in our barrels with salt and local beer. We then process the fermented chilis for a smooth hot sauce, finished with Virginia apple cider vinegar. Our 2019 peppers were grown by The Farm at Sunnyside.

If you like spicy, linger and enjoy our fermented hot sauce. We're proud to share our husky bears for our 2019 Chili Bears with you...

Each bear is 5oz

Tropic Thunder
Heat Level 1

Made with Old Westminster Chardonnay wine, Tropic Thunder is a like biting into a pineapple during a storm, intensely fruity with a mild heat, from Aji Mango and Habanata peppers, that slowly builds. Put this in your fish tacos. You're welcome.

Peachy Porron
Heat Level 2

Peachy Porron is bursting with ripe peach flavor from Aji Mango and Sugar Rush Peach peppers. Anxo's dry Cidre Blanc underpins a clean, acidic finish. Toss with fresh peaches, red onion, garlic cilantro and salt for the perfect summer salsa.

Red Brau
Heat Level 2

Red Brau is made with DC Brau The Public beer with a riot of red chili peppers: Anaheim, Aji Dulce, Aji Rico, Mad Hatter, Red Jalapeno, Fresno. Finishes with a citrusy, bright, hoppy note from the beer! Fried chicken + honey + Red Brau = ultimate picnic snack.

Franken Sauce
Heat Level 2

Frankensauce is our happy accident. Made from a wild mix of chilis, Atlas Brew Works Rowdy Rye Ale and Barrel Aged Malt Vinegar, it tastes like we dropped a bottle of whiskey into our pepper sauce, and we're not mad about it! This is now the secret ingredient in your chili.

Green Bastard
Heat Level 2

Green Bastard plays nice, and then steals your lunch money. Aged with Atlas Brew Works Common Lager. The Jalapeno and Serrano peppers start you off with fresh green pepper flavors and when you're not paying attention, the green Habanero chilis punch you in the back of the throat. Dash onto your mac and cheese!

Hot Chocolate
Heat Level 3

Hot Chocolate is true to its name on all fronts. This sauce starts with cocoa flavors- from the Chocolate Habanero peppers and Right Proper Häxan Porter beer - and then finishes HOT!!!! Enjoywith cautionon BBQ.