Ch-Ch-Changes for The Pickle Van 🥒 🚛 🚨

by Office Number1Sons

July 24, 2020


Ch-Ch-Changes for The Pickle Van 🥒 🚛 🚨

by Office Number1Sons

July 24, 2020

We wanted to share an upcoming change to our home delivery days, as well as some exciting updates about The Pickle Van!

Sunday Delivery

As of August 1st / 2nd, we will no longer deliver on Saturdays, but will shift to Sunday deliveries. 

For our first Sunday, August 2nd, you will be able to start ordering tomorrow, Saturday July 25. After that, you can order 7 days in advance, on Sunday mornings, for delivery the following Sunday.

We are working with our partner farms and food makers to ensure that our offerings will remain consistent and maintain the high quality on which we stake our name. We hope a Sunday delivery will still allow you to receive fresh produce during the weekends, aligning nicely with any meal prep and other routines you may have for the coming week.

Also, we will no longer offer the Small Veggie Bag from Path Valley Farms for Sunday delivery. We recommend one of our small bag offerings on Tuesday or Thursday. We will be adding a limited number of the Path Valley Farms’ Happy Family Boxes to our Tuesday delivery day.


To be candid, we’re going back to the drawing board. For both the well-being of our staff and our business, Sunday makes sense -- and hope it does for you too!

The Pickle Van was created amidst a pandemic to be a link in our local food system. We have since made over 15,000 home deliveries in the DMV. Because of your support, we’ve paid over $500,000 directly to local farms and food makers. 

It’s been quite the pivot. Our staff, farmers and food makers rose to the challenge to make this happen! Thank you for being part of this!

Other Changes

We have started to cap all our delivery slots a little more conservatively in order to provide the best service. If you do not see your desired delivery date available several days in advance, it may be because we have maxed out our capability for that delivery date. If this happens, we would kindly ask you to consider the next available date.

Tuesday and Thursday deliveries will continue to take place as usual. Ordering opens up 7 days before the delivery date. We recommend ordering the morning of Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday for the greatest product availability.

The Future

We’ve started work on the next version of our website to create a better user experience and reduce confusion around delivery days. Look out for this improvement in the Fall!

We are talking to more farmers and food makers. We’re continually thinking how we can improve and keep growing The Pickle Van. We’re just getting started :)

Thank you for supporting our business and being an essential link in a strong, resilient, local food system. We welcome any feedback - good or bad - or questions you might have! Email us at Office-at-Number1Sons-dot-com or text / call us at 202-570-4453.

All good things,

Caitlin, Yi Wah and The Number 1 Sons


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