The Pickle Stand

July 4/5 Markets!

July 4/5 Markets!

by Caitlin Roberts

June 28, 2020

The Pickle Stand

July 4/5 Markets!

by Caitlin Roberts

June 28, 2020

July 4/5 Markets!

It's our third week back at markets for walk up sales!

Our stand will look a bit different. We'll have coolers filled with prepacked jars of kimchi, pickles +more. No packing to order or samples, right now.

We'll keep opening more of our pickle stands for walk up orders, as we keep improving our systems + our market staff return! Thank you for adjusting every week with us!


Pickles: Half Sours | Crispy Koshers | Honey Habaneros | Sunny Dills | Super Sours | District Dills

Kimchi + Kraut: Sons Kimchi | Mustard Kraut 

no Kicky Kimchi! it's too fresh - we'll have it for walk up sales next weekend!

Veggies: Cider Masala Beets | Giardiniera

Kombucha: some markets will have kombucha! If you want multiple bottles or our seasonal Strawberry booch, we recommend PREORDERING!

Is your favorite product not on the list? Preorder District Dills, Kombucha, Ramp Surprise, Hot Hearts, Dlily Beans and more HERE for pickup at market!


Is your market not listed below? We're still offering pickups for preorder at nearly all our markets. See our full list of markets HERE.

WEDS 7/1: Mt Vernon VA

THURS 7/2: Ballston VA


DC: Mt Pleasant | Columbia Heights | Petworth | Eastern Market

VA: Old Town Alexandria | Arlington | Leesburg

MD: Silver Spring | Pike & Rose


DC: Dupont | Bloomingdale

For Dupont: our stand has been moved into the gated parking lot section! We no longer have a preorder-only pickup spot, outside of the official market boundaries.

VA: Westover | Fairlington

MD: Bethesda | Greenbelt | Takoma Park

For Takoma: the market has returned to the parking lot behind the market's normal location!

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  • When will you return to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays under the JFX in Baltimore?!

    Josefina on

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