Set the table. Stock the pantry.

Pickle Van

Pickle Stand

Delivered to your doorstep

Farmers we ❤ and trust

Special local makers

Delivery day

Tues Thurs Sun

Free with $65 order ◦ $40 minimum

our vans and drivers ◦ medically advised

Pickup at the farmers market

Number 1 Sons only

pickles & kimchi & kraut

& kombucha

& hot sauce

Waves from the same sea... We are open for business. Not in the same way. The door is locked - no visitors. And, there is a medical advisor now.

To Our Customers: We deeply miss seeing you at market. Liberty and pickles will never lie down.

To the Farmers & Makers: Together, we will cross the river by feeling the stones.

There are new ways to do old things. There is good work to be done. Our hands and hearts are in this.

Be safe, we will never lose you.

All the Number 1 Sons