Ah, winter farmers markets. They’re so lovely when they’re lovely. And, when they’re windy, dark and 20 degrees? They’re lovely if you’re wearing a base layer, a ski layer, and have an insulated cup of coffee with an extra splash of winter spirit(s). And have equally optimistic, yet chilled, farmers market neighbors and truly stellar customers. Some of my favorite farmers market memories are from our first season at the Leesburg winter market. One particularly wintery winter day, our single black tent had a line of hardcore pickle people waiting for me to pack their kimchis, pickles and krauts. I was working alone so trying to give each customer their due time — they had come out in freezing weather to buy our fermented foods! — while also moving the line efficiently. All of sudden it started to snow. I began to question my life decisions that led me to this winter farmers market. I was still in college; an office job with a reliable heat source and a telecommuting snow policy was still possible! No one got out of line. I smiled and helped the next person. And, it’s never felt so good to stick my gloved hand into the chilly pickle brine to pack up a tall container of Dilly Beans. Thanks, Leesburgers.

But, I digress. Our winter farmers market season prep has already begun (think heated tents!), and the full winter schedule will be posted shortly! But, this year, instead of taking a family winter vacation, we’re working on some new projects. One of these is an online shop and nationwide shipping! We’ve even found 100% recyclable insulated liners for our boxes. If you’ve moved away from DC but still want to get your favorite Stinking Rye Kraut or Cider Masala Beets, we can now make that happen! Or, that Chili Head in your life who always needs the HOTTEST hot sauce; now you can send them a tube of chili bears! Or, if you know someone who is in need of a Sour Box of pickles, kimchis and krauts, we can use the United States Postal Service for the greater fermented good.

Check out a draft of our online shop here. If you have thoughts or questions, we welcome your feedback! We start shipping Monday December 4th. Just in time, for the perfectly premium pickle present.